Finished the Oak Octagon Table

I finally finished the octagon table. It looks nice. I will try to get some pictures posted on here. I am new to movable type, so it may take a little while.

I seriously underestimated how long this would take. The project got off to a bad start because I didn’t have a planer or a mortising machine. Once things were off a little bit, it made evrything about 50% harder than it needed to be.

I finished it using Minwax Red Oak stain. I put 2 coats on it to make it a little darker. The problem is that the weather here in Iowa has been miserably hot and humid for about the last month. I was trying to let the table dry on the porch, but the humidity was not helping it at all. I finally moved it inside. It seems like it is starting to dry now.

The wife says that she likes it and probably wants another one. It may be a little while before that happens. I need to build a couch for the porch first.

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