Nice Weather in Iowa

It finally cooled off yesterday. We were able to open the windows in the house last night and turn the AC off. I can sleep really well in this house with the windows open. We have a 1918 bungalow that has around 60 windows in it. It is a real pain to open or close all of them, but when it is nice outside, this house ventilates like no other house I have ever been in. The master bedroom is on the second floor in the back of the house and has 11 windows in it. When they are open at night I sleep great. It is like sleeping outside.

We are only about a quarter mile from the Mississippi river. There is a lock right at the edge of town. At night you can usually hear the barges blowing there horn as they leave the lock. That is pretty cool. There are also interstate train tracks that go up and down the river. You can hear the train from way up or down the river. The pitch of it changes as it gets closer. Probably seems stupid, but it really sounds pretty cool. We also hear owls a lot here. Other than that, it is pretty quiet.

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