The Weekend

A friend from work that lives out in the middle of nowhere Iowa is having a party this weekend. He is a drummer, and has a band. He has been bugging me to play with them for quite some time now. I am going to the party, but I am debating on whether or not to take the guitar with me. I haven’t played in so long that I know I will sound like absolute shit and that bothers me. I am thinking that maybe I will just take the 12 string and play some nice mello acoustic stuff. I can’t screw that up too bad.

I have not turned my amp on in about 2 years. I am starting to wonder if it still works. I have a Peavey Ultra Plus, which is a 3 channel 120 Watt head and a cabinet with 4 vintage celestions. It sounds pretty good, but the amp is too loud. You can’t turn it down low enough in the house so that it is not bothering anyone. But, when you turn it up to about 4, the thing just comes to life and sounds great.

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