Fields of Iowa

Went to a party at this friends house last night. Man, he really lives out in the middle of nowhere Iowa. He owns 8 acres and a nice bungalow North of Wyoming Iowa. He has a nice view. The area is actually rolling hills as opposed to the typical flatness of most of Iowa.

It is really a nice place, and if it were not for the inevitable lack of a decent internet connection I think I would like to be somewhere similar. It was really quiet and peaceful. Not only that, but you have privacy and you have a lot of freedom to do what you want. He plays drums in a band, so for the party he had his band come out and set up and they played outside. The yard was big enough for a whole lot of people to come and not be crowded. Pretty cool.

Land in Iowa is really affordable compared to a lot of the rest of the US. Farm land here sells for around $3000 per acre. I have been told that farm land in Nebraska is around $200 per acre. But, if you have ever driven through Nebraska, that is understandable. You can buy a .5 acre lot on a golf course here for around $40K, which I think is reasonable considering household incomes in the area.

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