A Couple Pics

mountains_thumb.jpgThis is a picture somewhere right outside of Monterrey, I believe it is to the North of town. This is just some small town. There seem to be quite a few of them. A also noticed what looked like some decent size hog farms. They have gotten a lot of rainfall this summer due to the last hurricane, which is probably why it is so green. I don’t remember it being this green the last time I was here. Hopefully on the way home I don’t get a seat over the wing again. I couldn’t take any decent pics.

mountains_thumb.jpgThis is a pic from my room. Unfortunately the windows are tinted and reflect a lot, which is why you see my hand in the pic. Anyway, this little picture can hardly describe the view of the mountains. I would need to stitch about 3 or 4 pics together to display the full panoramic view.

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