In Monterrey

Made it to Monterrey. It was kind of a long trip. I don’t remember the trip being this long. The weather is pretty decent, about 88 and partly sunny. Ended up with a pretty normal room. Oh well. The bandwidth is decent, that’s what really matters. I will probably work their hours while I am down here. They usually work 0900-1300, take 2 hours for lunch, then work 1500-1900 or so. I am in the area of Monterrey called San Pablo. It is a very nice area.

The cab driver that brought me from the airport to the hotel seemed a little pissed that I didn’t speak Spanish. He didn’t speak English at all. He said something like all of Mexico speaks Spanish, you should too, or some shit like that. We were driving and he started asking me for more money. I wasn’t sure if he was trying to scam me or what. He only wanted $2, so I just said yeah, whatever. We went through a toll booth and he pulled over to the side of it and kept us from going through the lines. I guess he was trying to tell me that he could save us some time for $2. Monterrey received a lot of rain a few weeks ago. We drove by a bridge that collapsed. He explained mucho agua. Not sure why rain would make a bridge collapse, but it did. It was gone.

Time to go eat supper. I am thinking just stay in the hotel and have a steak tampinequa tonight. I will upload some pictures later on tonight.

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