Gaining Weight

lunchI think that I am gaining weight already. Went out for lunch today to a place called the windmill. We went there one time before when I was here last. The last time I ordered some tacos that were not very good. I ordered tacos de santa fe this time, which is what you are looking at. They were 4 big tacos. Too much for lunch. Somehow I managed to eat them. They were excellent. Those are also french fries next to the refried beans. Not sure why they serve fries, but they do.

lunchWe wanted to take some pictures outside, but the manager came out and told us to stop taking pictures. Not sure what his problem was. They didn’t say anything about taking pictures inside. I don’t know exactly what he was saying but my hosts said that he was being very rude. Directly across the drive from this restaurant was another restaurant. The manager of the other restaurant saw what was going on and came outside to tell us we could come over and take all the pictures we wanted at his place. It was entertaining.

lunchFor supper we went to a very nice traditional Mexican restaurant. I ordered Guisado de Res, or beef stew, which is what you are looking at. It was excellent. These guys didn’t mind us taking pictures at all. They had some decent looking deserts, but I could barely finish the meal.

Another long day. I need to crash. I am tired.

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