HP 48G

I have had an HP-48G calculator since I was in college. I really like the HP. I think that the layout of the functions on the keypad are perfect. The problem that I have is that I need my calculator at work and I need it at home, and I only have one of them and I don’t want to pack it around with me. I had this idea that I should look around online for a similar calculator that runs on Windows and Linux. I didn’t find anything. So, I think that I am going to take it upon myself to write my own in Java. I don’t plan to write a HP-48G clone, I just want to copy the keypad layout, have a stack, and of course it will be RPN. I am also thinking that I should spend some time working on the key bindings for this so that you don’t have to grab the mouse every time you use it. Anyway, stay tuned.

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