First Chiropractic Visit

About a week and a half ago I did something to injure the lower right side of my back. It was not immediately obvious that anything had happened. About 2 days later it started bothering me and got progressively worse. It hurt the most in the morning when I got out of bed and seemed to loosen up throughout the day.

Since it was still bothering me almost 2 weeks later I decided to visist a chiropractic clinic. The Dr. also specialized in sports related injuries. He was pretty sure he knew what had happened when I explained everything to him. He cracked my back at the top, middle and bottom, then applied some ice with electric stimulation and then some heat. It felt better this morning when I got out of bed, but it did start hurting again a little later in the morning while I was out walking around at work.

I go back tomorrow for another “adjustment”. Hopefully it works better this time.

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