Full Time Blogger

I have been reading this guys blog lately. This guy was a web developer then decided to try blogging full time for a living. I think it would be hard to make a living, especially if you didn’t have a decent savings built up, but there are people that claim to be doing it.

I was thinking about this and also about all of the media hype over blogging in the last year or so. All of the hype over blogging reminds me of a time a few years ago when everything with a .com appended to it was a gold mine. A blog is not really anything new. It is just a way to update a web page quickly. I guess that blogs lower the bar for entry so that people that don’t do html or web pages can participate and share their stories/opinions.

The web to me is more of a communication tool than anything else. It is many other things also, but to me it is mostly a communication tool. And likewise, to me a blog is a communication tool.

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