Starbucks Coffee

I got spoiled on Starbucks coffee when I worked at Lockheed Martin in Eagan Minnesota. The facility had a cafeteria that was able to serve Starbucks coffee. I used to buy a cup pretty much every morning and sometimes in the afternoon. I really developed a taste for plain, black Starbucks house blend.

Now I work in rural Iowa. I have 3 other people in my office at work. We all agreed that it would be a good thing if there were a Starbucks across the street. And we all agreed that the possibility of that happening is slim to none. Being Engineers, we decided to solve the problem of how to have Starbucks.

I have bought Starbucks grounds and tried to make them at home in the past in a drip coffee pot, and also in a percolator pot. It never turned out right. It always tasted like Starbucks a little, but was never right. So, we realized that approach would not work. We did as much research as possible on the net, which did not turn up much. What we did find is that Starbucks sells their own brand/line of coffee pots. We decided to purchase the Starbucks Barista pot and give it a try. We also purchased a bean grinder, and a pound of beans.

The pot is one of the nicest coffee pots I have ever seen. More importantly, the coffee actually tastes like Starbucks. We are still playing around with the grind settings and the concentrations, but for the most part, it tastes correct. We are using bottled water, which can make a big difference in the taste.

When we get the settings reverse engineered to perfection, I will put post them here.

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