RPodder In Top 10%!

RPodder is a ruby script that I wrote for downloading podcasts. RPodder is meant to be used from the commandline, a cron job, batch job or scheduled task. Since it is written in Ruby, it can run on basically any platform. I am really surprised about this, but rpodder is in the top 10% of downloads at rubyforge. Also, I have received some additions that a guy made already. I was pretty surprised about that. He put in some of the features that I had planned to do in the future. Now I just need to find the time to review and merge his additions, test, and put up a new release. Hopefully I can do that this weekend. It will be tough due to homework for school that I need to get finished.

A friend tested rpodder on windows. As I expected, it worked just fine. I don’t really have a windows machine to test on though, so you never know.

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