Missing Europe

I’m not sure why, but I have really been missing Europe lately. I lived right outside of Bitburg Germany for 3 years while I was in the Air Force. It was really an interesting time in my life. But after about a year of being there I was very ready to leave and come back to the US. After 3 years, I was so fed up with the place that I didn’t think I would ever come back. Lately I have been thinking that the problem was that I wasn’t mature enough to appreciate Europe. I think that if I were to expatriate to Germany, or the Netherlands, or France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Austria or Switzerland I could be very happy there. I think that I would probably want to be about where I was at before, which was a very central location. A few hours from Paris, Amsterdam, Switzerland. A few minutes from Luxembourg and maybe an hour from Belgium.

When the BSE group was here last summer they said that they were looking for Electrical Engineers with melt shop experience. I would love to go work with those guys and live in Southern Germany where they are at, but I can’t get the wife to buy in. Looks like I am stuck in Iowa.

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