A Break

I am finally getting a little bit of a break from work and school. I will be on vacation from work for the next 2 weeks with the exception of Tuesday. I was one day short of vacation time, so I needed to work one day. I need to get a few things taken care of while we are down for maintenance, so I will go in on Tuesday, which is the melt shop’s weekly down day, and take care of a few things. I have a feeling it will turn in to a long day.

I finished the school semester on Tuesday. It was a very long, difficult semester. I elected to take 3 courses, while working full time. My boss thought I was crazy, but signed off on it. So, I pulled it off. I now have one class left, which I will take next semester to complete the MSEE. Unless something really weird happens, I will be finished in May.

I have about 100 things that I would like to get done while I am home on this break, but it just isn’t possible. I need to spend some time prioritizing.

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