Ideas Notebook

One of my goals for 2006 was to start working on one of the ideas I have noted in my ideas notebook. When I think of something that I feel may be a good idea (usually business related) I write it down in what I call the “ideas notebook”, along with things like design information, pro’s and con’s etc. I take the notebook just about everywhere I go, school, work, travel, wherever. I have been writing in this notebook for around 2 years now. There are a lot of ideas in there. Some good, some bad.

At the beginning of the year I decided to review everything in the notebook. I decided that 3 of the ideas were good enough to put some effort into. When I put together goals for 2006, I decided that these ideas were useless if I didn’t do anything to move on them. I thought about the 3 ideas I felt were the best, and after some effort, decided on one.

I am going to create a website for people to trade CD’s and possibly DVD’s and games. My idea is that someone will have disc’s that they are sick of, and can go to this site to look for someone else (with the same problem) who has something they want. The site can put these two in touch with each other and they can trade via snail mail. This will be free of charge. I will try to cover my expenses by advertisements on the site. You would think that something like this already exists, but I have not been able to find it.

This idea is not what I felt was the best. The best idea that I have will require a considerable amount of logistical effort that I can not deal with at this time.

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