Too Much Work

It has been a crazy week. I am trying to get a level 2 reporting system installed, tested and configured, in addition to several other projects I have going on at work, and in addition to trying to do a Masters Thesis. I am going to be late on a few obligations. Not much I can do about it. I ended up working 6 hours yesterday and most of this morning. Not cool. I don’t like to work overtime because I am salaried. Every hour over 40 I work, I take a pay cut from my hourly wage. I have found that when I really get rushed, like I have been in the last week, it is very difficult to stick with the GTD. The author of the book warns against that. I understand that I should follow the process, but it is not always that simple. I have been using Microsofts remote desktop to access my machine at work. I usually don’t have anything good to say about Microsoft, but I am really impressed with how well remote desktop works. I have had very good results with it.

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