Texas and New Job

I took a trip to Texas last week for work. I participated in a 3 day planning meeting with our technical group. I was offered a position with our corporate technical group while I was down there. I accepted the offer. It is a tremendous opportunity. I will be working with some very experienced people and will be traveling around to our 16 North American facilities and probably to our South American facilities also.

I had a hell of a trip home. A thunderstorm in the Twin Cities shut down the airport and I ended up sitting on the taxiway for an hour. I ended up getting home around 0200. I am still a little messed up from it.

I think that I may have had some allergy problems from Texas also. It was very nice down there. I don’t have to relocate for this job, but if I had to, I wouldn’t hesitate to move to Southeast Texas. It is a pretty nice area.

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