New Jersey

I went to New Jersey after I completed my final exam last Wed. It was a decent trip. I was around the Newark area. On the way home Friday afternoon, I flew through O’hare. What a mess. I ended up being delayed by about 3 hours. I haven’t been able to figure out why there were delays. There were several flights that were cancelled actually. The problem is that Ohare is not big enough for the amount of people that go through it. That place was so crowded. There was no place to sit down. It was ridiculuous. In addition, Ohare is another one of those airports that does not provide free wireless internet. That should be illegal.

Since I am going to be travelling, I need to choose one airline and try to stick with them so that I can get a lot of frequent flyer miles, and take a nice vacation sometime. I need to sit down and look at the places I need to go, and what airline can get me there.

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