Working 2 Jobs

Since I accepted this new position at work, I feel like I am working two gigs, the old one and the new one. If I could stop everything for about 2 weeks, I think I could catch up. Since that is not going to happen, I need to try to push some of the old work off and start really focusing on the new stuff. I can’t stand to leave things unfinished, but I may have to.

I went to Perth Amboy New Jersey Sunday for a few days. I learned my way around out there this time. The roads are a little crazy. The weather was great. Ate at a Portugese restaurant for the first time. It was pretty decent. Lots of meat and a piece of potatoe here and there. I also ate some more of that New York style flat pizza. I think I liked it better this time. Don’t get me wrong, it isn’t Chicago style, but it was ok.

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