News Podcast

I have looked around for quite a while for a decent news podcast. I have yet to find one. There are plenty out there for tech. related news. But I can not find one that is just a decent news podcast. NPR has one that they put out, but it is very short, like 5 minutes. There are a few others, but the same deal, like 5 minute blurbs.

If I had the time, I would really like to do one. I’m sure that it would suck at first, but I don’t think it would take much to gain a lot of listeners. I already stay on top of the news fairly well. I read the Wall Street Journal, NY Times, LA Times, SF Chronicle and a few others pretty much every day. I also subscribe to Money magazine, and of course I stay on top of the metals industry and market. I think all it would take is to highlight the things that I wanted to report on, maybe make a few notes, get a mic and wing it.

Maybe a daily news podcast is too much work to start with, maybe twice a week or something would be good to start out? I am just so pressed for time right now.

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