Rosedale Mississippi

A few posts ago, I mentioned that we went camping in Rosedale Mississippi on vacation. I found an interesting link that claims that the crossroads where Robert Johnson sold his soul to the devil is actually at highways 1 and 8, which is basically the entrance to Great River Road State Park where we went camping.

We actually went to this Leo’s Market to get some ice a few times. Unfortunately I didn’t see anything talking about the Crossroads Blues Society, or I would have asked some questions.

The interesting thing is that Robert Johnson never mentioned Cleveland, or Clarksdale in his songs (other MS towns claiming to own the crossroads). But he did mention Rosedale, so it seems plausible to me.

We got to Rosedale around 6 on a Tuesday night. We were starving, but wanted to get our tent set up first, then go buy some sandwich stuff. We went to the only grocery store in town, and got there right before they were closing at 7. We got some of the stuff we wanted, but couldn’t find bread. They were out of bread. We went to 3 gas stations, but they were all out of bread, but the last one did have fried chicken, and so we gave up on the sandwiches and went with the fried chicken, which was actually pretty damn good chicken. We went back to the park and sat at one of the tables down by the river and ate. The weather was a little humid and warm, but it was pretty decent.

Hopefully we can go back someday when we have more time, and can plan a little better. The highway 61 blues festival was starting the next weekend, but we had to get home because I had to be on an airplane Monday morning.

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