New Blog Software

I am sort of shopping around for some new blog software. This is Movable Type, which is written in Perl, and it is ok. The problem is that I am running this on an older server, and the Perl must be bloated, because it takes a long time to post and make changes. I don’t particularly care for the way that Movable Type handles its templates either.

I have a few options right now:

  1. Blogger – Use Google’s service for nothing. But, my problem with it is that they own it and ultimately control it. I’m not sure if you can upload pictures and documents and stuff either.
  2. New Server – I have a machine sitting around that would have much more horsepower than the one I am using now. I could get it set up as a Debian machine and use it.
  3. tdiary – This is a Ruby based weblog. If I am going to deal with writing plugins or doing anything non-standard, I would prefer to do it in Ruby. tdiary is popular in Japan and runs the main Ruby site.
  4. Paid Service – I have considered purchasing blog service from typepad, which is like an upgraded version of Movable Type. But, it is not really cheap, looks like about $50/Yr which seems a little high to me, considering that a hosted web account is a lot cheaper.

So, I think that the dilemna here is a tradeoff between cost and pain in the ass factor. If I buy service it isn’t cheap. If I keep administrating it myself, it is a pain in the ass.

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