Before I went to college, I went into the US Air Force. I had a really decent electronics education in high school, due to the excellent industrial arts program there. I was able to test high enough to get basically any electronics job that I wanted. I chose to go into F-16 avionics, and this is what I did for the course of my enlistment.

When I got off of the jet in Atlanta last week, we had to walk across the tarmac into the airport. Atlanta is one of the few airports where you still walk down the planes ladder, and then walk across the tarmac. Catching the unmistakeable smell of jet exhaust, it brought back a lot of memories.

I really like what I do for a living now, but sometimes I really miss working on airplanes. I would really like to get involved with a group of people racing P-41 Mustangs or something similar, and help out with maintenance and modifications etc. That would be cool.

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