Why Rublog?

Rublog is a very simple, lightweight blog software written in Ruby. I have been looking for new blog software for quite a while now. I wanted something lightweight, open source and hackable. Rublog certainly fits these requirements.

I have been using Moveable Type for the last year. I found it to be ok, especially for people that are not very technical. But, it is also bloated and encumbered by comercial licensing, ie. not hackable.

I tried to get tdiary set up, but was not very succsesful. I think that Rublog is a better fit for what I have been looking for. I had considered writing my own, but I am very glad that I didn’t get that far.

For the techie types that might be reading this (Hi Chad), Rublog is very interesting. It can operate from a hierarchical directory of files written in text, html, rdoc and other markups, or alternatively it can be pointed to a cvs repository. At first I couldn’t figure out the significance of the cvs integration, but later figured out that this is a great idea for sharing a blog among a group of developers that are familiar with markup and cvs. This allows cvs to handle all of the synchronization, merging, updating etc. of the blog. A very clever idea.

I use the Vim text editor as much as possible. I am very happy to be able to use Vim to write my blog posts.

I think that rublog is going to work out great. Hopefully I can contribute to it in some way.

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