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I am sitting in Bush Airport in Houston, Tx. There is no free wireless here of course, but I can still write this post because I just need to drop it in a directory on my other machine to post it. That is something you can not do with any other blog, at least to my knowledge.

I had a pretty good week down here. I was able to work with some guys from BSE this week. As I mentioned in a previous post last year, BSE is a German Steelmaking and consulting company, and they are some of the most professional steelmakers in the world. It is always a privilege to be able to work with them. Additionaly, it sounds like I will be participating in a 2 week seminar in Germany that will be hosted by BSE. It has been 10 years since I was in Germany last. Before I go, I really want to get my books out and try to brush up on my Deutsch. I have forgotten so much of it.

Back home finally. Both flights pretty much sucked. On the first I had a window seat, but the prick in the seat next to me decided that since he got there first that he could take the window. I told him he was in the wrong seat, and to just stay there. It was too hot to deal with it. The plane in Houston was an oven until we got off of the ground. We got took off about 20 minutes late. On the way to Houston, some prick did the same thing with the window seat. What is with these guys? On the flight from Memphis I got sandwiched between some lady and her kids.

Flying has really sucked this summer. Just about every flight that I have been on has been one of these little Embraer’s, and they are completely full. Not a single empty seat. Tons of people flying with kids. Tons of older people that are not really mobile are out flying. The airports are very crowded. I will be glad when summer is over. It should make flying easier. Although, the airlines will continue to fly these tiny planes to keep their fuel costs down. I assume at this point that they will not bring the big planes back out even if fuel costs ever do come back down.

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