Back Home

Made it back home from MSP last night around 2200. It was a long week. I put in a lot of hours. I wanted to go see some friends of ours while we were there, but I was not able to do this due to the workload. I will be back up there in a few weeks for a short trip.

While we were up there, we went to the Ikea store. That place is cool. I hate American beds. They are always 4 feet off of the ground. After sleeping on a fouton for quite a few years, I want a bed that is on the ground. We found a bed that we liked, but did not have the room to transport it home. So, looks like we will make a trip to the Bolingbrook (Chicago) Ikea to pick this bedroom set up. It will be a nice change.

While we were in MSP, we took a drive to Nicollet Ave., to get something to eat. Drove through the neighborhoods along Portland Ave from 35th down to 494. When we were living in Mn, I wanted to move to Minneapolis and live around the Minehaha creek area between 35 and Lakes Hiawatha/Nokomis. It is just a decent area. We could have probably never afforded it. Especially working for the man at Lockheed. But, the area is nice, especially if you like to walk/bike/run etc. It is also very central to everything.

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