Starbucks At Home

The best way that I have found to brew Starbucks Coffee at home is to use a French Coffee press. Starbucks sells a press that they recommend, but if I remember right, it is a little expensive. If you want to get a coffee press that doesn’t cost a fortune go to Ikea. They had stacks of them there for around $12, which is cheaper than the glass for a lot of presses.

I have been to a lot of Starbucks since I started this new job, and started travelling. I have found that their is a decent amount of variance between the stores. Sometimes the coffee tastes right, other times it isn’t so good. I would say that in general, grinding the beans and using a French press is as good as what you can buy from a Starbucks store.

Additionally, to make Starbucks coffee affordable, we go to Sam’s Club, and buy the big bag of beans for $20.

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