WSJ Facts

Here are some facts from the weekend edition of the Wall Street Journal:

  • 46% of the world’s population live in “free” societies, which is up 26% from 1977. Of the 18 Middle Eastern and North African countries, only Israel is considered free.
  • The US State Dept. has named 42 groups to its list of designated foreign terrorist organizations. Of those, at least 5 have a home base in Lebanon.
  • Hezzbollah has 14 seats out of 128 in the Lebanese Parliament, 2 ministers in government, and one more endorsed by Hezbollah.
  • Isreal has received nearly 49 Billion in US foreign aid between 1960 and 2004, more than any other country. Egypt has received 43 Billion.
  • Before the start of the conflict there were an estimated 25,000 US citizens living in Lebanon. About 14,600 have been transported out of Lebanon.
  • Hezbollah has 2500 to 3500 members. There are about 300 Hezbollah guerillas who carry out attacks. Israel has about 168,000 troops in its military.

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