Ikea Stuff

We made a trip to the Bollingbrook Il. Ikea store, and an unplanned trip to the Schaumburg Il. Ikea store. We found a nice bedroom set when we were in the Twin Cities last week, but didn’t have the room in the van to get it. We decided to go to the Chicago store to pick it up. We got there at a decent time this morning, and guess what, they are out of it. So, they sent us up to the Schaumburg store, and warned us that it was a very busy store. No shit. That place is crazy. So, we got the bed, but they were out of the side tables we wanted, so, back to Bollingbrook we went to get those. What a pain in the ass day. Anyway, I still think that Ikea is a decent store. I read someplace that 90% of the population of Europe was made on an Ikea bed.

The more I live in Iowa, the happier I am that I live in Iowa. I really like Chicago, but driving around in the traffic and fighting the crowds today really made me think about how much I hate to do that all the time and how nice it is to live in Iowa, where crowds are rare, and nobody is ever in much of a hurry.

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