I own an iRiver H320. It is a great multi-codec jukebox. With the travel that I have been doing, I have been using it quite a bit on the plane. One thing that I have not been able to figure out was how to access the menu’s that use the id3 tags in the various files. The reason that I was having difficulty with this is that the H320 requires a DB file for this feature. The DB file needs to be created by iRiver’s application that they provide, which runs on windows of course. I use Linux.

I found a nice java app called iFish that can create this file. Usually, I get concerned with Java apps, because they always seem to be distributed as jar files, and the authors always seem to mess up something on the build of the jar that prevents you from running it. iFish runs great. If you need an app to build a tag database for your iRiver, I recommend it.

Now, I just need to figure out how to get the H320 to play random files within a genre. That would be great.

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