Pivotal Choices

Have you ever thought about a decision you made, or something you did that probably seemed very insignificant at the time, but ended up making a huge difference in your life?

There is probably some weird name for this, someone has probably studied this and written a Thesis on it.

I had a thought yesterday that made me think about this. Before I joined the Air Force, I went to Community College for a few semesters. I had to take a chemistry class that had a lab. There was a guy I met in the lab that I ended up becoming friends with. Our friendship sort of ended later on, but I met another person through this guy that ended up introducing me to my wife about 6 years later when I got out of the Air Force and came home.

I remember meeting this guy in the lab. I just happened to sit by him by chance. I was trying to decide if I really wanted to talk to this guy or not. He seemed to be a little weird. But I said what the hell. If I would not have talked to this guy, or even sat by this guy, things could have turned out very different than what they are right now.

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