Part-Time Gambler

I read a story in Wired on one of my plane rides last week. It was about this guy that was a software engineer. I can’t find the link on or else I would link to it. Anyway, this guy liked playing poker online. He was actually making extra cash doing it. One day he crunched some numbers and figured out that if he were to play poker online 20 hours/week, he could make more than his job working for the man. So, he quit his day job.

He has been playing for a living for a while now, and is doing pretty well. But, I have to believe taht if it is that easy, others will follow, and the easy money will disappear.

I don’t think I would be as brave as this guy, and quit my day job. But, it would be nice to find something extra to do to help pay off the mortgage a little early, or save some cash to go solo someday.

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