Moved The Fridge

Right after we moved to Minnesota from Illinois, we bought a new fridge. It is the side by side type with water and ice in the front etc. No stainless steel, just white. When we moved to Iowa, we bought this old house, and the fridge would not fit through any of the doors, so it has been sitting in the garage for about 3 years. I finally got sick of the wife complaining about the other one, and moved it into the house.

It was a lot of work and took about 10 hours of my weekend. I had to take the back door jamb apart, and take the doors and mounts off of the fridge to be able to slide it through. There was about 1/4″ of clearance. If it would have been any wider, getting it inside of the house would have been much more difficult.

So it is in the house, plugged in and works. I don’t think that it has much more storage than the other fridge. If/When we move again, the fridge absolutely goes with the house.

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