Doc Martin Shoes

I needed a new pair of casual shoes, so I bought my first pair of Doc Martins a couple months ago. The first month of wearing these shoes was pure hell. The cut into the back of my heel and made my feet bleed. I had to start using blister pads to protect my feet.

Once my feet healed up, things started getting better. They are to a point now where they are starting to get pretty comfortable. These are some weird shoes though. Every day is different. From day to day, you never know if they are going to be comfortable or brutal. It is always a toss-up and I don’t have a clue why that is.

I was complaining about them to a colleague of mine. He had many pairs of Doc’s and said that he would check back with me in a year. He said they would be the most comfortable shoe I have ever had within a year.

When I was in the USAF, we were issued boots to wear on the flight line. They were a little like the Doc’s. At first, they were absolute hell to wear. But, after about a year they became the most comfortable pair of boots I have ever had, and they lasted a long time, about 5 years. In fact, I wish that I had another pair of them. I was able to get a pair issued every year, but mine were in good shape, so I never went and got more. I wish that I would have.

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