On The Road

I really haven’t had much time to update the blog. I have a list of topics that I would like to talk about, but I have been travelling quite a bit. Sometimes when I am travelling I have time at night to do things like update the blog or whatever. But lately I haven’t even had that time.

Some things that are on my mind lately:

  • The Cubs got a new coach. Now they have a realistic chance at doing something. I will pay attention this season.
  • I am thinking that if I were to move to Chicago and be within 20 minutes or so of O’hare I could save about 8+ hours a week in travel time. I would be able to take a direct flight everywhere and would eliminate the 2 hop flights that I am always on now. Additionally, I think that I would have less delays. Small airports like Moline and Cedar Rapids always seem to be the first to get delays. I don’t know if my employer would agree to it.
  • I am thinking about switching my main airline carrier to United. This would make all of my flights go through O’hare. There are a few reasons for doing this: O’hare has a Starbucks about every 100 yards, You can get Vienna beef Chicago style hot dogs at O’hare and if I get any really bad delays like I have at Minneapolis and Detroit, it is close enough that I could rent a car and drive home, or at least to my family in Whiteside/Lee counties.
  • I am ready for the holidays. I wish I had more vacation.
  • That is about it.

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