Lifting Again

A couple of years ago I lifted weights about 5 days a week. I was making some really decent progress. I worked my way up to a 250 lb. bench, 350 lb. squatt, and about a 400 lb. deadlift. One day after doing squatts, I picked up a monitor, and I must have twisted a little because the next day my back was killing me. I went to a chiro a few times, but he really didn’t do anything for it, so I quit going and just suffered through it. I think that I have some posts about this in my old_blog stuff. I was not able to lift after this injury. Every time I tried, it started hurting.

I decided to give it a shot again last week, and I was finally able to lift without pain. I am pretty happy about it. Hopefully I will be able to gain back what I lost in strength from not lifting in nearly 2 years.

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