I don’t have one of those reading columns on my blog. I think it is a little silly because how many books can you read at one time? I guess you can read 5 at a time if you want, but I just do one at a time and try to focus on it.

I enjoy reading a lot of different genres, but mostly non-fiction, history and classic literature. I started reading a book a few weeks ago called Postwar. It is a history of Europe from 1945 until today. It is a pretty thick book. I have gotten through about the first 200 pages.

This is an excellent book if you are interested in European history. I knew that Europe was in bad shape after WWII, but I didn’t realize how destroyed it was. The first chapter of this book paints a very vivid picture with a lot of the currently accepted statistics on the condition of Europe in 1945. Additionally, there are a lot of details that help to explain how the cold war started.

I will say more about the book when I finish it, but I can definitley recommend it at this point.

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