Rover Issues

I had a coolant leak on my land rover a few weeks ago. I arrived at the airport to take a trip and I could smell it as soon as I got out of the cab. When I got back, I stopped by a gas station and bought some 50/50 pre-mix anti-freeze and topped it off. It made it home without too much loss, probably about a half gallon or so. The leak ended up being from a broken o-ring that was on a housing on the manifold for a pipe that went back to the heater core.

picTo get at the housing where the leak was I needed to pull out the alternator which is a bit tight on this vehicle. While I was pulling out the alternator, I guess I must have put some stress on this radiator hose. It exploded on the way home from the quad cities, leaving us stranded on I-280, which really sucked. Additionally, the engine was a little overheated by the time I could get pulled over onto the curb. Aluminum heads are pretty sensitive to heat, so I hope everything is ok. I am waiting on the hose from Land Rover.

I have never seen a hose explode like this before. Usually these hoses are pretty tough. After thinking about it a little, I thought it would be a pretty good idea to just change all of them. Atlantic British sells all of the hoses as a kit, but since I am in a hurry to get it back on the road, I ordered the hose I need from the dealership. It should be here tomorrow. Hopefully I can get the rest from Atlantic British minus the one that exploded.

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