Last Years Goals

I set some goals for last year. I did pretty well for hitting them in general with a few exceptions:

  1. Studying Spanish – I was going to make an effort to study Spanish around 20 minutes per day. Since I don’t have anyone to speak Spanish with every day, it was difficult to stay motivated. I would like to learn Spanish, but I think that I need to take college courses to do it.
  2. Publish A Paper – I wanted to write a paper on anything and publish it someplace. Maybe my Masters Thesis counts for that, although it is not really what I had in mind.
  3. Complete One Side Job – I moved into a better position at work and I am content with it. I am not looking to make any changes right now and with the amount of travel that I am doing it would be very difficult to do anything on the side.

I haven’t given goals for next year much thought. The only big thing on my mind is to get very serious about fitness. I would really like to work on language skills (Spanish, Portuguese or German) but I don’t know how possible that is with the amount of travel that I am doing.

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