I am home on vacation over the holidays. I usually rent a lot of movies when I am home over the holidays. Here is what I have watched this year:

  • Miami Vice – The best part of this movie was when it ended. It was absolutely terrible. Save your cash.
  • Spy Games – I have seen this before, but it is a pretty cool movie, even if Brad Pitt is in it.
  • Syriana – This was interesting. I’m not sure how accurate or realistic it is. It was worth $2.00
  • Munich – This movie was ok. The really weird thing about it was that it was like watching a movie made in the 70’s. You really can not tell that it is a new movie. It was worth $2.00 also.
  • Thank You For Smoking – This movie was pretty funny. It was worth $2.00.
  • The Sum of All Fears – This was pretty decent. It would have been better if Morgan Freedman had been in it a little longer.

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