Ed Jamaica

As I mentioned below, I went out to eat one night while I was in Brazil, and we listened to this guy play and sing all night. I thought he was pretty good, very jazzy. He gave me a CD and asked me to help spread his music around. So, I have encoded it and here are the tunes. These are ogg vorbis encoded, so you will need to use something like Winamp to listen to them. Enjoy.

  1. Aquarela Brasileira
  2. Brasil Pandeiro
  3. Chega de Saudade
  4. Clarice Ou Claudionor
  5. Coracao Leviano
  6. De Frente Pro Crime
  7. Feitico da Vila
  8. Homenagem Ao Malandro
  9. Meus Tempos De Crianca
  10. Patria Brasil
  11. Samba De Orly
  12. Samba De Verao
  13. Samba Do Aviao
  14. Samba Do Grande Amor
  15. Samba Com Um Futuro Melhor

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