Land Rover Issues (Again)

A couple weeks ago I was driving my Disco 2 to the airport. It was running fine, but when I pulled into the parking spot it started running very rough and died. I wasn’t sure what was going on, and so I started it back up, and it seemed to be running a little rough, but ok.

It had been running a little rough in the mornings when I first took off and it was still cold. But it had been very cold out and I just assumed that it was running a little rough because of the cold weather. Once it got warmed up, everything seemed ok. After the incident at the airport, I was pretty sure that I had water in my gas. I asked my wife to go put heat into the tank to dry it out.

When I got back, I started it up and headed home. Initially it was running ok, but after a couple miles it started running very bad. I wasn’t sure if I should continue driving it or not. I didn’t have any other way home, so I drove it home. It was running very bad, and I was surprised that it made it home.

At this point I am pretty sure that one of the heads warped and there is coolant going into the cylinders, and probably in the oil. I took it to the Land Rover dealership in Des Moines today and I should find out something Monday. My guess is that I will be looking at putting a rebuilt engine in it. I don’t have the time to do it myself, so I will have to pay them to do it. Kachiiinnnggg $$$$$$$.

I have very bad luck with vehicles. I really wish that I didn’t have to own one.

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