The last couple of weeks have been pretty crazy for me in terms of travel. I have had some bad luck with flights. Two weeks ago, I left my house at 0730 to go to Texas. I got delayed in the Quad Cities for a few hours, then spent a few hours standing in line to get rebooked. Got on a later flight to Chicago, was able to make a standby flight to Houston. Got to Houston at a reasonable time, but my bag didn’t show up. I waited around the airport for my bag, which was on the next flight coming to Houston from Chicago. I should have gotten to my destination by 1700, but ended up arriving at 2315. It was the wrong way to start a long week.

Last week I spent a few days in Chicago. Didn’t have any problems getting there, but for some reason on the day I was leaving, just about all of the flights home were cancelled. They could have put me on standby for a 2200 flight, which was full, but I rented a car and drove home instead, about 3.5 hours which got me home before the other flight would have even left.

Hopefully the next few weeks are a little easier.

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