Another Week

It was a long week and I am seriously tired. I flew to Tampa last Sunday afternoon. United was able to get me there on time, around 2130, but the hotel took over an hour to send a shuttle to pick me up. Unfortunately, I decided to wait until I got to Tampa to eat supper instead of eating something at Ohare, and so I was pretty hungry when I finally made it to the hotel. I ordered a sandwich around 2300 and crashed out. Unfortunately my boss wanted to start Monday morning at 0700. Needless to say, I started the week out pretty tired. I was in Tampa for 2 days, then went to Jackson Tn for 2 days. I went to Jackson with a group and we left Tampa at 1730, again skipping supper to travel. We ate at Outback when we finally got there around 2130. I can not eat so late because I don’t sleep well. I think that I ate late every day last week.

When I tried to come home yesterday from Memphis, United delayed the flight and I would have missed my connection in Chicago, so they put me on Northwest. I got home last night around 2130. Somehow, my bags didn’t get lost, I could not believe it.

I wanted to sleep in this morning but my wife decided to have a rummage sale, and I got to get up at 0600 to babysit the kids.

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