Crazy Week

Last week was the absolute worst week for flights that I have ever had. I started out Sunday, leaving my house at about 1200, I was supposed to get to Newark at 1600 via Chicago. I got to Moline to find that my flight was delayed 4 hours, and decided to rent a car and drive to Chicago to make a 1800 flight that would get me to Newark around 2030. I got to Chicago, and my flight was delayed. I got out of Chicago around 2300, and got to my hotel in Edison at 0230.

I tried to Leave New Jersey on Tuesday at 1600. My flight to St. Paul was delayed, and we finally got out of there at around 2200. I was supposed to get to St. Paul at 1930, I arrived at 0000.

I tried to leave St. Paul on Thursday. My flight was at 1430. It was delayed until 1730. We were able to board the jet, but then we were delayed again, and had to sit on the plane for 1.5 hours. After 1.5 hours, they cancelled the flight and we all had to get off of the plane. Being as late as it was I knew there was no way I was getting a flight to Moline, so I rented a car and drove home in the storms.

What a messed up week.

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