Rio Part One

picAs I said in the previous post, I had the opportunity to visit one of our facilities in Brazil that is located close to Rio. This is a picture of me with Ipanema beach in the background. It is winter time in Brazil, so as you can see, the beaches were not very crowded.

picThis is a picture of Copacabana beach. Again, it is winter so it isn’t too crowded. I kept telling my colleagues that they should call it something besides winter. Sunny and 85 just isn’t winter in my book. I think that if I were planning a vacation in Rio, I would probably stay on the Copacabana side of the beaches. It seems to be more developed and seems to have more hotels, restaurants, shops etc. It is about a half mile walk to Ipanema and Leblon if you want to go to those beaches. I didn’t make it to Botafogo but I think it is just on the other side of Copacabana.

As always in Brazil, the food, beers and Caipirinha’s were excellent and the people were friendly.

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