More EAF Reactance Models

I finally had a few minutes to add the rest of the EAF reactance models to the simulation that I put together to compare them. They are kind of large so I used css to display them a bit smaller on here. You can click on the pictures to get the full size. Notice that in both EAF’s there isn’t really that much difference between the various models. Also, all of the models should more or less converge to the curve labeled “No Model” during stable melting.

picThis is from a larger EAF that has quite a bit of secondary reactance. I had to adjust the vazques model quite a bit to get it to be reasonable. The important thing to note with all of these models is that they are all adjustable. I think that you can get good results with all of them if you tune it to your furnace. All of the models were adjusted to be in the middle melting phase. In my opinion, this is the most difficult phase to model properly.

picThis is from a smaller EAF that has very low secondary reactance, but a very long transmision line that adds quite a bit of reactance to the system.

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