Not Much New

Not too much new with me. Sorry I haven’t posted sooner. I have been meaning to but have been busy with work, travel, kids, home, etc. What’s new with me:

  • Will be installing 200A service in the house soon and will begin rewiring immediately.
  • Going to put 4000W of electric baseboard heat on the porch so that we can use it this winter. It is currently not heated and will be a nice place to sit in the winter because it is very bright.
  • Steel business is slowing down so I will not be traveling so much in the near term.
  • Bought a dog for the kids. Decided to get an English Mastif. She is 5 months old, and is one of the best puppies I have ever had. She is going to be big.
  • Made a quick trip down to Brazil last week for 4 days. It was nice as always.
  • Still studying Portuguese. I am getting to the point where I can get the gist of a conversation, especially if I have some of the context. However, I still can not understand people from the North of Brazil very well.

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