Re-Wiring The House

We installed a 200A service and a nice shiny new 40 slot electrical panel into our 1918 bungalow tody. I took vacation today and for the rest of the week, so I will be working away on rewiring the old house the rest of the week and probably over the weekend.

As I said previously, I am planning to put 4000W of electric heat on the porch, and also install electrical outlets. I have decided to take out the ceiling on the porch and install recessed lighting with a nice dimmer switch, and wire it for surround sound. I will also be able to get some insulation up into the ceiling. After the wiring is complete, I will insulate below the floor. I am considering having my brother install bamboo flooring also.

The goal is to make the porch a really nice place to sit this winter and watch it snow.

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