New Linux Box

I finally got around to building a new Linux PC. Even with the various Linux harware compatability lists (HCLs) that are out there, it is always a tossup as to whether what you actually receive for hardware will work with Linux.

I researched the HCL’s and looked around for components within my budget and put together a very nice system for approximately $600. I lucked out this time despite a few minor issues, everything works great. I chose a Gigabit GA-G31M-ES2L motherboard because the on-board video and audio are Intel. I read that Intel’s on board video/audio chips are the most supported.

I have used the Debian Linux distribution for years now and couldn’t come up with a reason to change, so I installed Debian. I considered using Open Solaris but it looked like driver support was limited.

The new machine runs great. If you need to build a Linux PC I can confirm that the Gigabit GA-G31M-ES2L motherboard is 100% supported by the Debian testing distribution.

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